About us


director phulwari heights Our Managing Director Mr. Vipin Gupta, a man of principles, is a keen observer, an avid learner and a thorough gentleman at heart and virtues.

The soul behind the school Mr. Vipin Gupta has established Phulwari - a right choice for parents in today’s smart world providing unlimited opportunities for children to grow as successful, happy, talented and overall balanced personalities.

He maintains an effective program of school supervision and improvement and holds himself responsible for the daily administration and operation of the school directly or indirectly by exercising sound administrative and supervisory judgment.


Chairperson phulwari heights Sarita Gupta - Chair Person of Phulwari Heights always had a dream of taking Phulwari to the height of success by building strong foundation for children & producing global citizen of future. Her support, guidance & initiative in school activities has created a strong platform for staff members to give the right direction & knowledge to Phulwari Children. She is a mentor & soul behind the school growth & success.
She believes in the establishing the environment for children which has the following
  • That provides Love, Care & Affection
  • Boost child’s self confidenceM
  • Raises his self esteem
  • Instill qualities like independence, Leadership, Responsibility & Decision Making.
  • Her emphasis on overall development of child and not just academics has opened new window for tiny tots to blossom into extraordinary beings.


Principal phulwari heights Headmistress is the highest administrative position within the school. She is the liaison between the staff and the board and oversees all daily operations of the school including establishing policies, student enrollment, staff hiring, training and supervision, meeting with parents, and advertising the schools services to constantly increase or maintain enrollment levels. Ms Shivali Narula has considerable experience both in supervision of staff as well as the methodologies and current practices in teaching and effective school management. She supervises all new staff, completes performance evaluations as required and works with staff to improve or excel in various aspects of their teaching.

She has a tendency to oversee the emotional, social, educational and physical well-being of the students. She communicates concerns to the parents and makes recommendation to the parents regarding the child's behavior and development.