Easy approach to faster growth

curriculum Our Curriculum aims to make the little ones aware, appreciate, respect and care for ones environment and at the same time grasp new things without confronting any obstacle. The curriculum has been formulated in such a way that a child transcends from one level to another with ease, carrying all the wisdom that he learnt at previous level.

Following are the various domains of development related to holistic development of children around which the invisible thread of our love and affection for children always runs that abides you, us and your little blossoms.

Physical Development: A wide range of interesting activities has been carefully planned to develop the children’s gross and fine motor skills in their indoor and outdoor activities.

Intellectual Development: Focuses on the child’s skills of memory and observation, problems solving, logical thinking and developing a scientific attitude and a sense of curiosity.

Language Development: We empower the child with vocabulary and help him or her express better.

Socio-emotional Development: Apart from inculcating good behavior and manners we also help to develop various traits in the child. The curriculum imparts the child qualities like : a) sharing & caring b) independence c) leadership d) Responsibility d) confidence

Creative Development: Creativity will blossom with the help of music, dance and colours. The child is given a platform where his/her imagination is not only encouraged but also appreciated.

Stage Exposure & Language Skills: The children are given ample opportunities to perform on stage. Along with building their confidence it also helps in language development. Language skills including English conversation are enhanced. The various programmes expose the children to our rich cultural heritage and also support the themes being done in class.

While focusing on the above mentioned domains, we always assure a mutually consented environment between the teacher and student as every child understands a thing in his or her own perspective so the element of flexibility and patience is mandatory. The curriculum at each level assures a stimulating and inquisitive environment where children are encouraged to discover new ideas and learn new things.