Welcome to the world of Smart Learning

The first five years in a child’s life are crucial to learning and growing up. Psychologists call these the formative years. A lot of what they learn at this time stays with them through the rest of their life. It is that time in their life when they are understanding their environment, coming to terms with meeting and talking to people around them and establishing their independence.

Phulwari Heights, earlier known as VSPK Phulwari adhere the philosophy that every child has potential. It is upto us to tape that reservoir of potential and canalize it in the right direction without denting his or her innocence.

Ideally located on DDA approved land in Shalimar Bagh, Phulwari Heights promises an easy access to school and congenial environment, which is imperative for an easy but a smart beginning of the ’ futures’ of tomorrow.

Phulwari Heights follows a holistic approach that fosters the physical, intellectual and social development of r children. Our scientifically designed activities and curriculum provide ample opportunities and enough stimuli to make them confident, smart and intelligent 'young adults'. Recently Phulwari Heights has introduced Primary Wing with Nursery & K.G from the academic session 2010-11 in their teaching curriculum which is our first step into the world of formal education. The distinctive methodology based on psychological behavior, adaptability to comprehend new things, with the element of affection and dedication makes Phulwari Heights create a successful niche among the group of Play Schools. The infrastructure, especially classroom environment is purposefully designed to stimulate child’s curiosity,. At Phulwari Heights, we understand how growth elevates from one scale to another. So a child-friendly approach backed by innovative methods is followed while keeping in mind that the innocence of a child should not be suppressed as Phulwari Heights believes that a child accepts new ideas more whole – heartedly as long as he or she persists with innocence.

All the while, we do not leave focus of the fact that they are here to play. No two hours of ‘play’ can be so beautifully entwined with learning, so much so, that ‘education’ almost seems like a hidden agenda!

Presently, Phulwari Heights welcomes tiny toddler at the age of two in Toddler Group and then have excellent infrastructure for pre-nursery, nursery, and the future senior classes(in process of being Recognized by Government of Delhi). Queries regarding admission at different level are solicited by our ‘help- desk’.