Parenting Tips

open_Comma Parenting has never been easy but today’s fast-paced complex and ever changing world makes it all the more difficult. Yet the secret to successful child-rearing remains the same as it has always been – Love.

  • LOVE is what will motivate your children to make right choices and decisions in life
  • LOVE will give them purpose and a passion for life.

"So Love them unconditionally"

From this month onwards we will give you such parenting tips which would make your parenting an enjoyable experience and will also benefit your children. open_Comma

open_Comma A child with high self esteem performs well in all areas. So raise your child’s self esteem daily by :-
Appreciating him/her for his/her strengths or any good work done.

  • Wow! You wish everyone so nicely.
  • Wonderful, you shared your toys with your friends.
  • Great, you finished your meal without help. open_Comma

open_Comma Every child has some unique qualities. Be proud of those special qualities rather than focusing on what they don’t have.

Praise these qualities which will boast his/her self-esteem open_Comma

open_Comma God gifts a second chance to be a child through our child. So the parents should enjoy this opportunity. Be child with him – Splash in water tub, imitate animals, have pillow fight, make castles in sand and get wet in rain. open_Comma

open_Comma Be an ideal for your child as they observe , closely and follow you. So in front of children

  • Never lie (e.g at times unknowingly you tell your child "Go tell aunty I am not at home".)
  • Respect elders (e.g wish everyone never argue and be polite )
  • Always watch your words and actions open_Comma

open_Comma Let them be independent

Let your child take initiative. Let them try first and then guide them later. For example even if a child mess while eating don’t starts feeding as this will discourage them for being independent in eating their food. open_Comma

open_Comma Spend quality time with your children for e.g. when you go out to buy vegetables with them, make sure to involve them in following activities

  • Let them sort out different vegetables with you so that they recognize them.
  • Give them the concept of buying and selling.

This will be the learning experience and thus quality time spend with them. open_Comma

open_Comma Give your child freedom of expression for example:

When your child wants to share something listen to him/her patiently and leave aside all other important tasks. This is how your child feels comfortable and this also strengthen your relationship with your child. open_Comma

open_Comma Initiative towards avoiding Global Warming

This month let us all take initiative towards avoiding Global Warming. Every week we will take one step ahead. For each weeks four initiative are mentioned:

  • Let’s save water.
  • Let make our city green
  • Always use paper bags.
  • Save electricity. open_Comma

open_Comma Relive the old Games and your childhood with your children by:

  • Playing with them Hide and Seek or Tipi-Tipi Tap.
  • Getting wet in Rain and playing with paper boats.
  • Enjoying indoor games like Carom Board or Ludo.

Your involvement in these games will make you more friendly with them and also helps in their learning and physical development. open_Comma

open_Comma It’s a lot more pleasant to teach your children to play together than is to discipline them for fighting.

Example: If you are getting tired of policing conflict between your older child and his or her toddler sibling, then consider deliberately teaching the elder one fun things to play with toddler. open_Comma

open_Comma Give your child freedom to take decisions to develop the decision making skill in him/her for e.g.

  • Let him/her decide sometimes what to wear for the party or when getting ready for school.
  • Let him/her decide for his/her breakfast, lunch or dinner at times.

These small decisions gives them confidence to take big decisions when they grow-up in future. open_Comma

open_Comma Be an ideal for your child

If you want to teach anything to your child first follow the same yourself e.g.

If you want him/her to follow the mannerisms like do not talk while eating, you should also not talk at the time of meals - as on mobile or with other family members. open_Comma